How to Choose the Right Inverter Aircon BTU for Your Home
April 6, 2020 by trentadmin
choose the right inverter aircon btu for your home

BTU stands for British Thermal Units – technically, it is a heat measurement that is defined as the heat needed to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. In short, it is a standard measuring unit(Btu) of how much heat can be extracted.

Don’t pay more for unnecessary high Btu. We should choose the right Btu depending on the size of the room we wish to cool down, we might not need our room to be too cold also.

Bigger is not always the better, when the aircon Btu is too high, it will stop its cooling cycle frequently and restart, these extra cycles generate additional compressor load and this reduces the lifetime of our aircon. When Btu is too low, it takes longer to bring down the room temperature, this will lead to high energy bill. Not too high or too low will ensures adequate cooling without hike on electricity bills and imposing extra stress on compressor.

So how do we choose the right aircon btu?

Here’s the formula:

Room size(Square Feet) x 35

E.g. 150 sq. ft. x 35 = 5000 sqft

(To get square feet from square metre, multiply the area value by 10.764.)

Take into account that, we will need larger Btu for rooms with:

  1. Top or higher floor of the unit, or
  2. No shade at window to cover from direct sunlight, or
  3. Large window area like full-height glass, especially no tree is outside. [+10%Btu]
  4. How many persons staying in the room as human generates heat too. [+600 Btu/pax]
  5. Home appliances that generate heats like kitchen. [+4000 Btu]
  6. Open spaces like open kitchen & living room. (calculate by total area)

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