How is the Aircon Servicing Package works?

The aircon servicing package is a one year contract (3 times per year). Our customer service team will contact you to arrange a suitable time for our technician to carry the job at your premise or pick-up and drop-off(portable/casement aircon). 

10-Point Professional Aircon Servicing Package includes

1. Dismantling of Fancoil Cover

2. Cleaning of Blower Wheel

3. Cleaning of Fancoil Drainage Pipe

4. Cleaning of Fancoil Water Tray

5. Cleaning of Cooling Coil

6. Washing For External Cover

7. Check & Cleaning of Filter

8. Test-Run of Air Conditioner System

9. Checking of Condenser

10. Checking of Compressor Gas Level / Top-up Gas (additional charge may apply)

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