How to Earn T-Points (TP)

  • Sign up and immediately get a welcome bonus of 500 TP.
  • Log in & Spend (S$1 earns 1 TP).
  • Exchange Rewards with the points you have accumulated.
  • Underutilized points will expire in 2 years from accumulated date.

Additional Ways to Earn T-Points (TP)

Member’s Birthday = 1000 TP
Submit 1 Product Review = 200 TP (up to 1 review per month)

T-Point is part of the benefits of Trends Home Loyalty Programme(Membership).

Read more about Trends Home Membership Terms & Conditions

T-Points FAQ

How to earn T-Points?

There are several ways to earn T-Points which are:

  • Complete order

Receive 1 TP (T-Points) for every S$1 you’ve spent on Trentios Online Shop Platform. T-Points will be calculated based on the order’s final amount, minus all discounts.

  • Register account

Receive 500 TP immediately upon sign-up on

  • Birthday month

Receive 1000 TP on your Birthday Month as birthday present, if you’ve submitted your birth date during the registration.

  • Review product

Receive 200 TP when you submit a product review. Limit to 1 review per month.

What are the limits of T-Points?

  • E-Gift Cards purchase is not entitle for T-Points.
  • T-Points cannot be used to offset partial of payment.

How to use T-Points?

  • T-Points can be used to exchange products, gift, servicing.
  • To pay by T-Points, your T-Points value should be higher than the product’s price. The conversion is 100 TP = S$1.

When does my T-Points expire?

  • T-Points expires after 2 years from obtaining it. You will not receive any reminder notification.
  • You can check your T-points balance and history in “My Accounts” page.

When will I receive my T-Points after I made my purchases?

  • You will receive T-Points after your order is completed. If you paid by credit card or PayPal, you should get T-Points immediately in your account.
  • If you paid by Fund Transfer, you have to notify us about the payment that you have made to complete the order. After that, your T-Points will be reflected in your account within 7 working days. If you didn’t receive, please write to