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    Customer Reviews


    Customer Reviews

    Mazlan987 19/04/2021

    Item looks good and working well. Job done by experienced workers effortlessly replacing my old unit. Communication was also good with the seller. 👍👍👍👍👍

    kingbeowulf 01/04/2021

    Very helpful installation team. Thanks for the good work

    Siew Tin 01/14/2021

    Trentios air purifier is compact and easy to use.

    Jean Ong 01/14/201

    This water heater is user friendly, nice in colour and design. Installation was prompt and aftercare service is good. I strongly recommend this water heater.

    Wang Chiang Hai 01/14/21

    Easy to set up, portable, clean, and straight forward to turn on and use.

    Tang Oi Leng 01/21/21

    Love the design, simple and neat

    Joyce 01/21/21

    Trentios air purifier is compact and easy to use

    Goh Kok Kheng 01/21/21

    Received it on the 4th working day, easy for me to change it. As for Temperature, use L1 as it is good for me and family. Able to monitor the water volume used for me.

    Jai Prakash 15/01/2021

    I love this water heater as it shows how much litres of water I used after bathing and hence it helps me to save the water bill. Secondly it suits all members of family due to its three levels of selection of how much heating of water I need. It also shows how electricity it consumes so it fulfills all my objectives which I was looking for as my objectives which I was looking for as compare to other water heater which does not show all these things. Thanks to Trentios.

    Siew Tin 15/01/2021

    Trentios air purifier is compact and easy to use