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3-in-1 Function:
3-stages Full Air Purification
Ionizer releases Negative Ions
Night Light
H13 Grade True HEPA Filter Removes 99.97% Particles Equal or Larger than 0.3 Microns
Negative Ions Improves Quality of Air and Freshen Up Mood
Compact and Silent for any location
Gentle Night Light for Bedroom
Effective 3-in-1 Filter – HEPA, Pre-filter, Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon Absorb Odors and Harmful Gasses
360° Cylindrical Design Gives Better Filtration Airflow

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2-in-1 Function:
360-Degree Multi-Directional
Air Purifying, Air Quality Indication,
Fragrance Releasing
Releases Botanical Fragrances
HEPA Filter Engineered in Korea
Anti-Bacteria Nano Silver Ion Filter
Portable with Attached Wheels
5 Colour Air Quality Indicator
Touch Screen Enabled

Power Supply: 220V ~ 50Hz
Power Consumption: 38W
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): Up to 179 cfm
Noise Level at Various Speeds: 25/ 33/ 40/ 45/ 50 db(A)
Dimensions (mm): 376D x 433H
Weight: 7.8kg