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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Jai Prakash 15/01/2021

I love this water heater as it shows how much litres of water I used after bathing and hence it helps me to save the water bill. Secondly it suits all members of family due to its three levels of selection of how much heating of water I need. It also shows how electricity it consumes so it fulfills all my objectives which I was looking for as my objectives which I was looking for as compare to other water heater which does not show all these things. Thanks to Trentios.

Siew Tin 15/01/2021

Trentios air purifier is compact and easy to use

Mohammed Haja 08/01/2021

I m glad I purchased the trentios water heater. The touch sensor is safer than the conventional types and the wate consumption meter makes me more conscious of my water usage.

Angelina 08/01/2021

A very elegant and easy to use water heater. Compact and light weight.

Lim Yee Hiang 13/01/2021

The heater is functioning properly and water is hot for bathing especially during the raining season now.

Lee Kok Hwa 12/01/2021

Feeling satisfied with the installation of brand-new Trentios instant water heater in my bathroom. It’s features are very user friendly and well designed. After using it for sometimes, I manage to monitor my daily water and electricity consumption easily. With these, I able to control my monthly utilities bill hand in hand. This features are very rare found in the market. Also, the water pressure is very consistent while showering. Hence, I greatly encourage someone who looking for budgeted water heater to own it for amazing showering experience as it only cost around two hundred plus.

Yeo Chung Beng 06/01/2021

Hi I feel very to use. The water flow is smooth and strong.

Melvin Ng 08/01/2021

The instant heater is a great addition to our bathroom. We love how simple & sleek looking it is that matches our show set seamlessly. It’s small in size but mighty with its power. It has an electronic panel showing how much water was consumed too. Love it!

Matthew Yuen 07/01/2021

”After two months of using, I have been very pleased with the Trentios IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater. The water pressure through it is just right but heating takes awhile. I like the tracking system which allows me to monitor the volume of water I used per shower. From Mathew Yuen

Liyun 07/01/2021

Nice design water heater, easy to use and can track electricity, temperature and water litre usage. Will recommend friends to buy this model as it is very user friendly😃